Offices, shops, hospitals, schools…

Daikin has developed solutions intended for use in commercial spaces of all sizes and types. These solutions are highly energy efficient, environmentally friendly, with reduced CO2

emissions and with the possibility of using renewable energy sources, such as solar, thermal, wind power…



Daikin systems can be used for heating, cooling, ventilation, air cleaning… all depending on the model.

Benefits for building owners

Daikin offers systems which are not only market leaders due to their quality, but they also already comply with the newest regulations related to efficient energy use and carbon-dioxide emissions. The Sky Air range of products offers a consistently high performance during its entire lifetime. Its operative features record the highest seasonal efficiency on the market. Thanks to their perfected features in terms of control and monitoring, these products enable an optimal level of comfort with minimum costs.



Solution with integrated heat pump

  • Solution for all temperature conditions, from -25°C to +52°C
  • Flexible, suitable for all types of buildings
  • Can be adjusted to your specific needs, thereby achieving maximum seasonal efficiency
  • The new standard is thermal comfort



Wide range of internal indoor units suitable for areas of all sizes and types

  • Perfect comfort
  • Perfectly silent
  • Modern design
  • Possibility of ducted installation
  • From individual control to managing a greater number of buildings
  • Control via direct screen, easy for use
  • Remote control and monitoring via internet
  • Zone management
  • Tools for managing energy consumption
  • Complete control – maximum efficiency



Achieves a high-quality indoor temperature

  • Heat is recycled between the outdoor and indoor air
  • Cost-free cooling
  • Optimal humidity control
  • Filtering of air enables a constant inflow of clean air



Daikin Altherma is an energy efficient and smart solution for the heating and cooling of your home. It is a solution for heating, cooling and hot water for households which combines underfloor heating, low-temperature radiators and fan coil units. Daikin has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of heat pumps. All the installed innovations enable high energy efficiency with minimal environmental impact and operation costs.

1A – Outdoor unit: efficient use of wind power. The outdoor unit extracts heat from the outdoor air and transfers it inside, thus enabling heating. The compact outdoor unit can be installed easily, since it does not require drilling or digging.

1B – Hydrobox: the core of the Daiking Altherma system: Hydrobox heats the water which is then used in low-temperature radiators, underfloor heating systems or fan coil units, but it also provides hot water for the household. Hydrobox can reverse this process, thereby providing low-temperature water and cooling.

2 – Reservoir for hot water for households: The specific arrangement of the components of the systems maximizes energy efficiency. The water inside the reservoir is primarily heated by the thermal energy of the outdoor air, thanks to the heat exchanger connected to the heat pump. Still, the additional heating element for electric energy heating inside the reservoir takes care of the additional heating necessary for showers, baths and the sink. In necessary intervals, water is automatically heated to 70°C or more, which prevents the spreading of bacteria. Thanks to Daikin Altherma, one can always enjoy pleasantly warm and safe water. Depending on the household’s needs regarding hot water, the reservoirs are manufactured in 2 dimensions.

4 – Solar kit: the solar kit enables the transfer of solar heat into the Daikin Altherma hot water reservoir via the outdoor heat exchanger. Unlike the reservoir with 2 heat exchangers, this systems enables for all the contents of the reservoir to be efficiently heated by solar energy, and if necessary by the heat pump’s energy.




Products for industrial use