The main activity of the company “SI-ING” d.o.o., established in 1995, includes the engineering of thermo-technical installations, which covers all stages starting from the preparation of the project and technical documents, the performance of works up to system maintenance later on.

The company’s knowledge, experience and desire for continuous affirmation and maintaining of a high profile is the starting point which defines the main task of “SI-ING” d.o.o. – to always be better than the rest and justify the trust that our highly esteemed customers put in us. They are precisely our best recommendation. Today, after twenty-two years of work, the company “SI-ING” d.o.o. is renown on the market for its professional approach, competitiveness, respect for deadlines, safe delivery, but also good interpersonal relations.

Our offer combines the product ranges of well-known global manufacturers for whom we act as distributers in Montenegro for air-conditioning services: “Daiking” Japan, “LG” South Korea, “Aspen pumps” Great Britain; for heating services: “Devi” Denmark, “Kaimann” Germany; for fire protection services: “Tyco” Germany.

We have 88 permanent employees who are a combination of experience and youth. A large part of the employees are people with higher education, capable of performing the tasks in their field with great professionalism.
Our vision is further improvement in all areas of business, incorporation of new technologies and introduction of standards.