AC services for residential areas (individual homes, apartments and business areas). AC services for commercial facilities (small business facilities). AC services for industrial facilities. The applied solutions include the implementation of individual, multi split systems and multi-zone AC systems (VRV), heat pumps and cooling aggregates, fan coil units, air conditioners, chambers, devices for adjusting air humidity (dehumidifiers, humidifiers) of modern highly efficient materials for the filtering of air through the automatic regulation systems, all of which enables a reliable and efficient work of the designed systems in all modes and throughout the year.


Radiator heating: With boilers burning solid, liquid or gas fuels with electric boilers. Underfloor heating: Electric underfloor heating (DEVI programme) Underfloor hot water heating Solar heating Solar systems are the perfect solution for every household regarding both the hot water spent and the support they provide to heating. Solar systems in households can cover up to 35% of the entire annual energy needs regarding hot water and heating, thus significantly decreasing the costs of fossil fuels and the pollution of the environment, but they also help the family budget.

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